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Ben Chu: Does Cameron take the public for fools?

Posted by Eagle Eye
  • Wednesday, 24 March 2010 at 02:28 pm
The Tory leader still seems to be unable to come to terms with the reality that a pound today buys less than it used to.

In his response to the budget today I thought I heard Cameron arguing that this Government is borrowing more this year than every single previous Labour government has ever borrowed put together. True perhaps in nominal cash terms - but what about allowing for inflation? The Tory leader has got form on this statistical dishonesty, as I've pointed out before.

Cameron's fond of telling Gordon Brown that "people aren't fools". But who's the one expecting the public to swallow meaningless statistics?

P.S Philip Johnston of The Telegraph likes Cameron's statistic. I guess the Tory leader knows his audience.

P.P.S I've got Cameron's quote courtesy of Conservative HQ:

"In this, an election year, they are borrowing £167 billion. We’re meant to be impressed that it’s turned out a few billion lower than the last disastrous forecast……but it is still, and honourable members should be ashamed of this, it is more than every single previous Labour Government has borrowed – put together"

P.P.P.S Giles Wilkes, the Freethinking Economist, picks up on the same point as me about Cameron's "money illusion" - but, naturally, demolishes the Tory leader's argument much more expertly.



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