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Steve Howard: We need a clean industrial revolution

Posted by Eagle Eye
  • Monday, 2 November 2009 at 04:10 pm
Scientists and economists agree we need to more than halve emissions by mid-century. This means every major decision - every investment decision or new policy decision – needs to be a low carbon decision.

The biggest decision of all is in the hands of world leaders meeting at the UN climate summit in Copenhagen in December. It is crucial to a new green deal - not only necessary for the future of the planet but for the future of the global economy.

Agreement in Copenhagen will enable the rest of us to make smarter, greener choices about the ways we heat our homes, fuel our cars and power our businesses.
Through our leaders in our network of cities, states, regions and businesses across the world, The Climate Group has seen that making the deep cuts in global emissions is possible. The results from the 2009 Climate Confidence Monitor also demonstrate a global consensus on emission reduction targets with almost 80% of consumers who want to see a commitment to ‘meet or significantly exceed a 50-80% cut in emissions’ by 2050.

Energy efficiency, smart grids, clean power technologies, LED lighting and electric vehicles can all play a big part in a smarter future. In many cases, the policies and technologies we need to get us underway are already known.

Major industry sectors such as power, finance and technology sectors can change the game in terms of the global response to climate change. Companies within these sectors can have a significant impact on bringing down global emissions that goes way beyond cutting their own carbon footprints.

Business remains the world’s primary lever to cut global emissions and with the right policies and incentives in place our own coalition shows business is ready to respond. Unlocking the innovation and public and private finance must be at the heart of a low carbon future.
As negotiators gather in Barcelona this week to progress UN climate talks, the task of breaking the political deadlock around a new international climate deal in Copenhagen could not be more urgent. Agreement will unleash a clean industrial revolution that works for the economy, works for the environment and works for jobs.



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