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Amol Rajan: The post-Obama Obama is called... Castro?

Posted by Eagle Eye
  • Thursday, 6 May 2010 at 04:53 pm
I suppose we've long passed the stage where a politician who is young, telegenic, and offering change gets compared to Barack Obama.

Sometimes this activity descends into farce.

At other times, when the said politician has the added advantage - at least for this particular parlour game - of not being white yet being American, having an association with the Democrat Party, and being a former President of the Harvard Law Review, it can in fact be rather useful, in building hype around a future leader who is genuinely worthy of attention.

Julián Castro, the 35 year-old new Mayor of San Antonio, is, it seems, a genuinely exciting politician.  Not a great deal - and certainly not enough - is known about either his back story or his politics, but if the New York Times sees fit to take what must be very expensive pictures of him, and to devote a few thousands words to him in an adulatory profile, I imagine he qualifies for that sainted category in our age of 24-hr news and multimedia - One to Watch.

Read the Gray Lady's profile in full here.

And let me know if you feel moved to bet with me that Castro - what a name for an American President! - seeks the Democratic ticket in 2016.

I'll go up to a £10er.


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