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Amol Rajan: Cameron - Change you can believe in?

Posted by Eagle Eye
  • Tuesday, 5 January 2010 at 04:44 pm
Sam Coates makes a valid point on his indispensable Red Box blog.

The poster of Cameron blessing a thousand billboards across our country is obviously touched up.  All billboard pictures are touched up.  The question is not if the next Prime Minister's face was air-brushed*, but how much.

That Cameron looks like he's been transported from one of those Just for Men adverts ought to discomfort Tory strategists. They know they are far too dependent on their leader (a dependence which implies they lack confidence in their front bench); and they know that they have to return to a bit of the sunshine politics that marked his early 'Call me Dave' days. That is why the expression they have plumped for is both determined and optimistic (though more the former).

Yet I think those loyal to Cameron have under-estimated both how plastic they've made him look and how off-putting that lack of authenticity will be to the public.
The public are impressed with Cameron, but reminding them his only job outside of Westminster was in the world of television PR will not help garner votes.

* Yes, I use "air-brushed" and "touched up" interchangeably


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