Eagle Eye (indyeagleeye) wrote,
Eagle Eye

Tom Mendelsohn: Official - the tabloids have lost interest already

We are exactly one week in to Election 2010, and already the tabloids have got bored. They tried for the first few days: they gave plenty of pages to the coverage, they wheeled out their big shot columnists and they amped up the tribal invective. Sadly though, seeing as interesting events have so resolutely failed to occur, this early barnstorming gusto has swiftly tapered away into nothingness.

To whit: The Sun has Prince Harry in Champagne Consumption Shocker adorning its front page, while the Mirror has as much acherage of Miley Cyrus' breasts as it can conscionably print. The coverage inside, such as it is, meanwhile, is perfectly insipid: a belaboured Tory manifesto preview from The Sun, and a half-cocked analysis on Gordon's new-found anti-immigration policies in The Mirror. None of it, believe me, is worth having a look.

I'm watching the tabs with exaggerated interest because it is they who are the best electoral barometer we have, and if they can't muster any passion, you can be damn sure that this merely mirrors their readership, i.e. the majority of the electorate. Even the ordinarily reliable News In Briefs has let us down: Plymouth's Stacey, 21, is more excited about having her nizzle shizzled by a prospective duet between Snoop Doggy Dogg and Susan Boyle.

As it happens, this lack of coverage in the tabloids still teaches us something: disinterest in this election runs deep. As such, I am going to start calling it 'The Antipathy Election' at every juncture, and hope that goes viral.
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