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Eagle Eye

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Tom Mendelsohn: An unbalanced look at our new PM

Posted by Eagle Eye
  • Wednesday, 12 May 2010 at 02:42 pm
Martin Lewis, a fellow with whom I'm not familiar, but who seems to be one of the go-to Brits in Hollywood, has a few choice bons mots on David Cameron in The Huffington Post.

He now has the opportunity to follow in the tradition of the political hero he idolized in his youth, Margaret Thatcher, and do unto Britain's public health-care system, education system and poorest citizens exactly what he and his Champagne Charlie, Hooray Henry, Upper-Class Twit cronies did to Oxford's restaurants twenty years ago. Trash and wreck them. With the added bonus for him that, unlike his days in the Bullingdon Club when he and his fellow trust-fund brats at least paid for the damage they caused, now they can do this all for free.

Harsh words Martin. The article is funny, but I don't know that I agree with all of it. Cameron is a moderate Tory, he's patently not excessive in the way he lives, and we all have youthful indiscretions.