Eagle Eye (indyeagleeye) wrote,
Eagle Eye

Ben Chu: The Age of Change? No thanks

My colleague John Rentoul asks on this blog, "what about the newspaper's campaigns against banks charging for the services they provide, and against supermarkets for selling things that people want to buy cheaply and efficiently?". His implication seems to be that in this "age of change" The Independent should drop its campaign against penal bank charges on customers who go overdrawn and its concerns that supermarkets are using their market dominance to squeeze suppliers unfairly (see here for an example).

I don't know precisely what  "age of change" means but if it means turning a blind eye to the abuses of powerful oligopolies, if it means accepting that everything done by the private sector is virtuous simply because it is the private sector, then, as Samuel Goldwyn once put it, include me out.
Tags: banks, supermarkets

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