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Eagle Eye

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The above is my attempt at a Daily Mail headline. I hope you think it has a sense of accelerating doom as you read it.

In this morning's Sun newspaper, the following words appear as paragraphs 3 and 4 in the exclusive of Tom Newton Dunn:


"Outraged Jacqui, 47, hit the phone's button to record the call - as she seized the chance to nail him over the equipment shortages that put Our Boys in peril.

She handed her tape to The Sun - and we today print the amazing transcript on Page Six".


Are we to conclude from the above passage that the grieving Ms Janes decided to record her conversation with the Prime Minister, which the latter considered to be private, of her own volition, and without the prompting of journalists from the Sun (or its sister organisation, Sky News)?

I understand Mr Newton Dunn, who is a superb journalist, has given an account of himself on Radio 5 Live where he has said Ms Janes put the phone on loudspeaker, and an attendant friend with a blackberry recorded the conversation. 

This morning's Sun suggests that there was no causal link between the relationship of journalists from the Murdoch stable to Ms Janes, and her recording of the (private) conversation. 

If we ever discover that Ms Janes was in fact encouraged to record the conversation by close at hand journalists (something that Mr Newton Dunn has denied), we will have concomitantly discovered a wilful attempt to deceive its readers.

They deserve better than that.