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John Rentoul: A parcel

You do not need to read much of the long parcel of piffle by Peter Oborne and James Jones about the "pro-Israel lobby in Britain" to know that it is bad. I lit on this paragraph at random:

We can reveal that Jeremy Bowen had an article “Israel still bears a disastrous legacy” (31 May 2007) published a week earlier than his BBC piece (4 June 2007) in The Jewish Chronicle containing most of the contentious sentences.

In other words, "we can reveal" something that was not only in the public domain but that even my dim memory recalls was discussed at the time of the Bowen fuss, when the BBC journalist was rightly reprimanded for anti-Israel bias.

But you do not even need to read any of it. As Denis MacShane says here, you just have to ask yourself: if the pro-Israel lobby is so powerful, how come Israel is so poorly regarded in the British media?
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