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Amol Rajan: Dave's Darlings vs Dave's Divas vs Cameron's Cuties

Readers of Eagle Eye will recall my earlier defence of the phrase 'Dave's Divas' as a better Tory update to 'Blair's Babes' than 'Cameron's Cuties'.

All are chauvinistic and therefore at least slightly undesirable, but the demands of hackery are such that they will come into common parlance soon anyway. Given this, better to ensure the best phrase wins.

My earlier argument was threefold: first, Dave's Divas has a better rhythm than Cameron's Cuties (being one-two, one-two, rather than one-two-three, one-two); second, it is doubly alliterative (with two d's and two v's, rather than just two c's); and, third, the etymology of 'Divas' (from the Latin for goddess) and its operatic connotations give it an affection that the less subtle 'Cuties' lacks.

Terence Blacker imposes himself on this argument with typical charm in his column today, by referring to Liz Truss as "Dave's Darling".

This is an interesting development. Darling does have a warmth about it, and lacks the suggestion of hysterical over-reaction of 'Divas' ("stop being such a diva"!). That is to its credit.

But I'm wedded to the attraction of the double double. Having not one but two sets of alliterative consonants in such a short semiotic sequence recommends 'Dave's Divas' to me above 'Dave's Darlings'. There is a consistency and sense of immediate reinforcement that the '-lings' of the latter destroys.

I know it's vain but I still think Dave's Divas is the best.

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