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Ben Chu: Ignoring the issue on Israel lobbying

Denis MacShane seems to argue on this blog that because Israel "has the worst press of any UN member state in the British media" the notion that Britain has a powerful and successful Israel lobby is somehow wrong. My esteemed colleague John Rentoul backs him up here.

But leave aside the question of whether Israel really does get such a bad press (my impression was that the Telegraph and News International titles are all strongly sympathetic to the Israeli government), this ignores one of the central charges of the Channel 4 Dispatches programme, namely that the Israeli lobby has considerable - and quite often non-transparent - influence over British government and political parties. If you're going to pour scorn on the Dispatches programme, surely you need to address one of its main points.

A fine, impartial journalist

I'd also take issue strongly with John's remark that Jeremy Bowen, the BBC's Middle East Editor was "rightly" reprimanded for anti-Israel bias. To my mind, the BBC Trust's ruling was a travesty; a betrayal of a fine, impartial journalist.

photo: BBC

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