Eagle Eye (indyeagleeye) wrote,
Eagle Eye

Peter Oborne and James Jones: In defence of Dispatches

Antisemitism is the most notorious form of racism. Its long and hideous history culminated in the Nazi Holocaust and its still exists as a powerful and very dangerous force in the 21st century. The lesson of the past is that it must be fought wherever it manifests itself.

For this very reason, it is essential that the term should not be abused. Sadly, the Labour MP Denis MacShane has done so in his attack on our Channel 4 Dispatches programme, 'Inside Britain's Israel Lobby', broadcast on Monday evening.

acShane shockingly says that our film is "1930s style prejudice dressed up as modern TV journalism". He even more shockingly concludes that "antisemitic politics is back". The charge that we have somehow made common cause with Nazis could not be more damaging, or more false.

The pro-Israel lobby is a legitimate subject of investigation, just like any other lobby, and we carried out a scrupulous investigation. MacShane refuses to engage with any of the points raised about the need for transparency and accountability.

We showed in our film how some defenders of Israel deliberately exploit the charge of antisemitism as a way of discrediting legitimate criticism of Israeli foreign policy - a tactic which debases and cheapens a very real and dangerous phenomenon. Denis MacShane has fallen into that trap.


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