Eagle Eye (indyeagleeye) wrote,
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John Rentoul: Politics of inversion

Last chance for me to use my pleasingly symmetrical observation: that Gordon Brown has to pretend to want Tony Blair to be President of the European Council when he really, really doesn't; while David Cameron has to pretend to not want Tony Blair as President when, really, he does.

As several people have pointed out already, the Conservatives by opposing Blair have implied that they would rather the job went to Herman van Rompuy, who, it turns out, wants to impose EU-wide taxes. Blair, on the other hand, would have used the job to promote joint action on climate change, trade liberalisation and world poverty - and would have had no truck with federal nonsense of the kind that gave him so much neck pain as Prime Minister. They don't think there should be an EU president, but that's exactly what we want the EU to do, said one member of Team Cameron to whom I spoke recently.

Photo: Tony Blair in London yesterday, via Blair Foundation Watch.
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