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Eagle Eye

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John Rentoul: Why aren't we shocked?

Posted by Eagle Eye
  • Monday, 7 December 2009 at 05:46 pm
I didn't comment on the report in Saturday's Daily Mail about six foolish people who have had medical qualifications and who think that David Kelly was murdered, because (a) it was in the Daily Mail, and there are only so many untrue stories in the Daily Mail that one can rebut; (b) it was the same story that has appeared in the Daily Mail several times before; and (c) Oliver Kamm beat me to it.

But now George Pitcher, the Religion Editor of Telegraph Media, has pitched in to ask:

Why are we not more shocked that Dr David Kelly may have been murdered?

To which the answer is: Because he wasn't.

But it is alarming that apparently normal people take this stuff seriously. So, let me restate two points made by Kamm, namely that David Aaronovitch definitively debunked this conspiracy theory in his excellent Voodoo Histories, and that at least one of the doctors propounding it declares on his website "his strong belief that 9/11 and 7/7 were 'false flag operations'".

And then let me take the theory at face value. It suggests that the cut to Kelly's wrist was would not have led to sufficient loss of blood to have caused his death, and his stomach did not contain enough pills to have contributed to it.

Recall the evidence given in public at the Hutton inquiry by Nicholas Hunt, forensic pathologist:

5 Q. And in summary, what is your opinion as to the major
6 factor involved in Dr Kelly's death?
7 A. It is the haemorrhage as a result of the incised wounds
8 to his left wrist.
9 Q. If that had not occurred, would Dr Kelly have died?
10 A. He may not have done at this time, with that level of
11 dextropropoxyphene.
12 Q. What role, if any, did the coronary disease play?
13 A. As with the drug dextropropoxyphene, it would have
14 hastened death rather than caused it, as such.
15 Q. So how would you summarise, in brief, your conclusions
16 as to the cause of death?
17 A. In the formulation, the cause of death is given as 1(a)
18 haemorrhage due to 1(b) incised wounds of the left
19 wrist. Under part 2 of the formulation of the medical
20 cause of death, Coproxamol ingestion and coronary artery
21 atherosclerosis.
22 Q. You have already dealt with this, I think, but could you
23 confirm whether, as far as you could tell on the
24 examination, there was any sign of third party
25 involvement in Dr Kelly's death?

1 A. No, there was no pathological evidence to indicate the
2 involvement of a third party in Dr Kelly's death.

And the evidence given by Alexander Allan, toxicologist:

11 Q. Can I ask you what your conclusions are from the samples
12 we have so far discussed? What, first of all, do the
13 blood paracetamol and blood dextropropoxyphene levels
14 indicate?
15 A. They indicate that Dr Kelly had taken a considerable
16 Coproxamol overdose.
17 Q. And what about the time at which death took place?
18 A. Death appeared to have intervened before all the
19 paracetamol had been absorbed from the stomach.
20 Q. And what about the levels at which paracetamol and
21 dextropropoxyphene have been found? What does that
22 indicate?
23 A. There is a possibility that they could be fatal or
24 potentially fatal, but it is more likely in the absence
25 of other substances which combine with the actions of

1 dextropropoxyphene, such as alcohol, that the levels may
2 not have produced fatal respiratory depression, although
3 I cannot rule out the possibility of adverse cardiac
4 effects from the dextropropoxyphene overdose.

Little wonder, perhaps, that Saturday's Mail quotes "one of the doctors, who preferred not to be named".


daphne67 wrote:
Tuesday, 8 December 2009 at 11:46 pm (UTC)
It seems necessary to remind these cynics that neither Nicholas Hunt or Alexander Allan were on Oath. If they had been, then the outcome could quite easily have been VERY VERY different; but who can claim to be completely honest these days, whether swearing on Oath or not?
David Aaronovitch debunks the 911 truth movement
morris108 wrote:
Monday, 14 December 2009 at 03:30 pm (UTC)
David Aaronovitch debunks the 911 truth movement www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPbPJcVjUGA